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MPD’s 87th Recruit Class Graduates

MPD photo.

A commencement was held at the Maui Beach Hotel’s Elleair Ballroom for the graduates of the Maui Police Department’s 87th Recruit Class on Friday.

The five graduating members of the class were sworn in as police officers and took their oath of office. The graduates were: Randen Abafo, Iokepa Albino-Shamblin, Codie Chong, Lean Jeffrey Gumboc and Mitchell Navarro.

Awards were given to the following Recruits:

Sensei Shinichi Suzuki Arrest Defense Tactics Award- Randen Abafo

Neil T. Endo Firearms Award- Lean Jeffrey Gumboc

  1. Cecil “Rusty” Dickson Physical Fitness Award- Mitchell Navarro

Best Notebook Award- Mitchell Navarro

Scholastic Achievement Award- Lean Jeffrey Gumboc

Outstanding Recruit Award- Lean Jeffrey Gumboc

Recruits successfully completed eight months of intense classroom and functional skills training to include Criminal Law, Report Writing, Firearms Training, Physical Training and Emergency Vehicle Operations.



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