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County Prosecutor Turns Over Wong Case to the State Attorney General

Mug Shot of Pat Wong after his March 2019 Arrest

Acting Prosecuting Attorney Don Guzman said that, in this case, the Maui Police Department will send the results of its investigation directly to the state Attorney General’s Office.

“Our office will not review reports, evidence or details of witness statements to preserve the integrity of the investigation, the County and the rights of everyone involved,” Guzman said.

Wong was arrested at 12:15 a.m. Saturday, March 9, by police at a residence in Wailuku. He was charged with abuse of a household member and has since posted bail.

First Deputy Corporation Counsel Edward Kushi has taken over management of the Department of the Corporation Counsel while Patrick Wong is on administrative leave, Mayor Michael Victorino said Monday.

“Meanwhile, the case involving Mr. Wong will be forwarded to the state Department of the Attorney General after the Maui Police Department completes its investigation.”

“This matter needs to be dealt with quickly, thoroughly and above board,” Mayor Victorino said. “I want no hint of conflict of interest, so this case will be handled by the state Attorney General’s Office.”

MAUIWatch inquired with the State AG office for an update and they replied, “Sorry, we don’t confirm or deny on cases that come to us from the counties. The only time we can share any info is if a case comes to us and we charge it.”, said Krishna Jayaram, Special Assistant to the Attorney General.



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