Blazing the Waze: MAUIWatch is the Traffic App’s First Hawaii Partner

MAUIWatch announced on Monday they are partnering with the Google-owned traffic app WAZE to share data in an effort to improve traffic flow on Maui. The WAZE APP crowdsources traffic data and provides live updates on accidents, road closures, and other traffic issues to its users.

MAUIWatch will send Waze information about expected road closures, construction, and other public projects. This information will be aggregated and shared with the MAUIWatch Traffic Management Center and distributed through and their social networks. The WAZE APP is empowering MAUIWatch to connect with its community of local drivers for instant access to real-time traffic information from actual drivers on the road.

Waze Main-Menu

“Delivering traffic updates is one of the pillars of MAUIWatch’s content offering and at our core we’re a crowdsourced news organization so this partnership with WAZE fits like a hand and glove,” said MAUIWatch Founder and CEO Neldon Mamuad. Mamuad also said: “We couldn’t be happier to partner with The WAZE APP and we know the people of Maui will benefit greatly from up to the minute traffic updates we’ll be providing.”

The WAZE APP is a free download available on iPhone, Android, and most smart phone devices. WAZE offers turn-by-turn directions and live traffic data that is crowdsourced entirely from its users. These attributes makes WAZE a useful alternative to standalone GPS units.


Joining the MAUIWatch Road Warriors team is simple.

  • To sign up, simply download the free Waze app.
  • In the ‘Main menu’, click ‘My Waze’ and then select ‘Teams’.
  • Search MAUIWatch Road Warriors, tap ‘Join’ and you’re done.

About WAZE:
Founded in 2009, WAZE has become the world’s largest and fastest-growing community of connected drivers reaching more than 4.5 million users in over 45 countries, worldwide. WAZE is a free community-based traffic and navigation app that uses real-time road reports from drivers nearby to save commuting time and improve everyday driving. To learn more about WAZE, visit or follow them on Twitter at @waze.

About the MAUIWatch Community Network:
Founded in 2013, MAUIWatch is the model for high quality crowd sourced news in the 21st century. MAUIWatch social media channels are where audiences congregate, connect, and contribute to a shared understanding of the wider world. At its core, MAUIWatch is a crowdsourced news and traffic website serving Maui County. To find out more about MAUIWatch, visit