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Numerous people saved in swift water rescue at Iao Valley State Park

Photo: Maui Fire Department/ County of Maui

At 4:15 pm yesterday afternoon, Maui firefighters were called to Iao Valley State Park for reports of a group of people stranded by rising waters in the middle of the river.

Wailuku firefighters arrived on scene and found a group of 4 adults and 3 children who were stranded on a high spot in the middle of the river by quickly rising waters. Rescue 10 personnel aboard Air 1 was called to extract all victims to a landing zone located in the parking lot of the State Park. All victims were in good condition and refused medical attention. The group consisted of 2 adults and 3 children with local addresses, and 2 adult visitors. Children were reported to be ages 3, 5, and 11.

The Maui Fire Department would like to invite residents and visitors alike to visit: for helpful information regarding precautions to take while hiking any of Maui’s natural sites.



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