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MAYORWatch: How Do Police Determine Seatbelt, Cell Phone Use in Tinted Cars?

Mayor Michael Victorino answers weekly questions submitted to his office staff.

Question: I applaud the County and Maui police for their recent campaign on increased attention to seat belts and distracted driving. One question: How can police officers confirm seat belts are being worn and hands are free of cellphones in a car with tinted windows?

Answer: Mahalo for your question and I greatly appreciate your compliments to our Maui Police Department. These men and women work very hard to protect our community and the sole purpose of these enforcement campaigns is to prevent traffic fatalities.

To answer your question, if the vehicle has legally tinted windows, police officers would be able see inside the vehicle. However, if the tinted windows are too dark to see inside the vehicle, the driver would be pulled over and fined $287 for the violation, as opposed to the $102 seatbelt ticket.

I’d like to highlight the efforts of our police department’s Traffic Division, which issued 142 seatbelt violations, seven child seat violations, 23 cellphone violations, four pick-up bed violations and 47 moving/other violations, during the nationwide “Click it or Ticket” campaign from May 13 to June 2. Officers also made one arrest for an outstanding warrant, one arrest for Driving with a Revoked License and one arrest for Operating a Vehicle Under the Influence of Liquor.

Finally, I want to remind our residents and visitors that our goal is, and will always be, zero traffic fatalities every year. Nine people have already passed away in traffic crashes on Maui County roads this year, and my heart goes out to each of the families.

Please remember to put your phone down, buckle up your seatbelt and drive safely.

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